sweet slow music [cata51]

by tunedin52

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to state the obvious, we do not hear things the same as others do, and even more exciting, we do not interpret as others do, the sounds we hear into emotions, meanings, or other responses either. the composer, in this case me, is not concerned about this, but it is a matter of interest to me. i would like to state here, just in case it completely passes everybody by, that this is a soul album. the title 'sweet slow music' comes of course from 'sweet soul music', a hit soul song for arthur conley which had all us white boys sweating at a tennis club 'hop' in 1967.

far removed from all things 'black', in the midlands of ireland, soul was getting it's first real airing, along with blues, underground rock, pop and everything else that thankfully undermined a stifling white catholic society.

that was then.. now it's really not so different, but never mind, the wheel keeps turning.

i'm a sound creator who is not very concerned about convention. the familiar soul formula is not evident here, how could it be? i do not care to generate soulfulness with a 'formula' extracted from a music perfected by generations of cool african americans who's sound i have loved for fifty of my living years. the soul in soul like the jazz in jazz can not be formulated, it is the experience of love, pain, sorrow, joy, regret, celebration, hardship, loss, wrapped into sound. so my only claim here is that my experience is in the body of these sounds, it may not be the soul with which you are familiar, that would just not be possible. not always an easy or comfortable listen i can only ask to give it some time and promise that with familiarity will come a feeling, a new experience.

technical information: all sounds are created by my guitars with the exception of two sax samples on 'junk drunk', kindly donated by my good friend zenjungle. for the most part tracks are live improvisations after some live loop preparation.


released 05 July 2013



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