shamanagans [cata49]

by tunedin52

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shamanagans: 2002

in 2002 i was numbed, like many people around the world, by the action of suicide bomber ayat al-akhras. the spate of bombings at the time and the employ of this kind of protest or war strategy has transformed how we deal with 'terrorism', and how we view the actions of our own governments and in particular the plight of the oppressed in countries devastated by internal conflict and invasion. in ireland too we have witnessed the most heinous acts committed against the civilian population and the security forces by those whose sense of reason is subverted by nationalist beliefs and hatred.

the question of right and wrong and making a judgement for or against the oppressed and the oppressor is a deep and many faceted quandary.

as a former catholic or lapsed as it is referred to here in ireland, the idea being that one day you will return to the fold, i became curious about the idea of judgement and the afterlife. i imagined the passage of souls after death. aya al-akhras, an eighteen year old palestinian girl and rachel levy a seventeen year old israeli girl were destroyed in an instant by ayat's body bomb. what would their respective gods make of this, or if there is indeed one true god how would he judge these souls?. so too with all the warriors who pray for gods blessing on their fight, from george bush and tony blair to osama bin laden, what is the passage of their souls, who is the god that can judge them, and what are the implications of that judgement?.

shamanagans is a spiritual contemplation on these ideas, a book of prayer. on the original cover i stated 'the oppressor and the oppressed will sing together as angels among the heavenly bodies.'

information on ayat al-akhras:

recorded in a farm house in delvin, mullingar. 2002 by john daly

(c)+(p) 2013 catalogue of wonders (arts) ~ the copyright in these sound recordings is owned by tunedin52 / john daly under exclusive permission to catalogue of wonders (arts), london


released 17 February 2013



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